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Clean and precise, JOWDY pieces bring meaning and pleasure to the daily life of homes and interiors. As my fine art work continues to evolve in dialogue with my materials and the world at large, I develop fresh bodies of work that I release as editions of functional yet highly decorative wares. Crafting each piece is an exploration of shape and hue — the ways they play off one another create harmonies of configuration within the whole of the form.  Each piece is unique, but plays off that edition's common theme.

Recently, I’ve developed a range of wares evoking “landscapes” that derive from specific areas where I’ve lived or traveled, places that I’ve tried to understand on their own terms. This practice developed because, years ago, I found that I often imposed my expectations and meanings on places I wished to explore, which actually limited those supposed explorations. Developing this body of work has been one part of my attempts to understand and overcome that limiting impulse.

I announce the release of these editions first to my patrons who subscribe to my mailing list, then on social media. 

My practice utilizes traditional wheel, slab, coil, and slip-casting methods, as any given form dictates the proper method required to produce the best result. I make my own clay and glazes using specialized pigments to create an original palette of matte colors that come alive within the surface of high-fired porcelain.

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