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Clean and precise, these pieces bring order and pleasure to daily life.  Crafting each piece is an exploration of shape and hue — the ways they play off one another create tensions of configuration within the whole of the form. Using the color and texture of porcelain and glaze, I draw attention to how a person might interact with my pieces and intensify the experience of these otherwise daily motions.


My practice utilizes traditional wheel, slab, coil, and slip-casting methods, as any given form dictates the proper method required to produce the best result. I make most of my glazes using oxides, stains, and frits to create an original palette of matte colors with textures to compliment the buttery surface of high-fired porcelain.


Put simply, my love for experimenting with materials has led me to the meditative yet energizing process of crafting well-made objects.  I deeply respect my craft and its practitioners, and I appreciate the patience and support of my patrons.

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