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JOWDY is the ceramic design studio run by artist Andrew Jowdy Collins. He creates striking palettes of pigmented porcelain and glazes to handcraft ceramics that enliven interiors and homes. 


From marbled vases, to his place-based “landscape” vessels, to precise midcentury bowls, AJ’s work is pleasing and engaging as it explores the harmonies of line and form, art and function. Each piece is handmade by AJ from start to finish at his studio in Pittsburgh, PA.


Each JOWDY piece is unique, yet typically offered in a limited number of editions that follow a common design. We update the JOWDY webshop quarterly.


Additionally, if you are interested in seeing new pieces available for purchase, feel free to email us directly, check out the JOWDY Instagram or, best of all, schedule a studio visit, by appointment only.

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